LRQA Recorded Webinar: Environmental Management Systems

This webinar takes an up close look at ISO 14001, the global Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Standard. The live event took place on 10th September 2009 and hosted a lively well attended event which prompted many questions from the audince during the numerous Q&A sessions and panel discussions. You will gain an overview of ISO 14001, including its implementation and the benefits of certification, gain a better understanding of how an effective EMS can uncover savings for your organisation, as well as improve your ability to manage stakeholder concerns and have the opportunity to discuss your EMS concerns and issues with some of the world's leading environmental and climate change experts. Tom Idle, Editor, Sustainable Business Magazine, chaired the webinar. Tom is widely recognised as one of the UK's leading environment and climate change experts.


Part 1 - ISO 14001 What is happening and what are the opportunities and challenges

An update on ISO 14001 from Dr Anne-Marie Warris, the Chairperson of the ISO Committee responsible for 14001 (TC 207:SC1)